Rental Terms + Conditions


Scherer Violin Shop (SVS) encourages customers to read these details carefully and call with any questions regarding our rental policies. In addition to these terms, please note:
* (SVS) is here to help! If you experience any issues with your rental, please contact Will as soon as possible for assistance. NEVER perform repairs to your rental instrument. Excepting replacement of broken strings, repairs performed by yourself or a third party may damage the instrument and cause you to become liable for correction of the repair or for the cost of the instrument. Most common problems can be easily fixed.
* Rent is due on the account until the instrument outfit has been received by SVS. Returns may be completed in person, via shipping, or at an authorized pickup location. Please note: If you received your rental at a scheduled group delivery or rental event at your school or teacher's studio, you may need to return the instrument to SVS directly. Authorized pickups are scheduled and instruments left at the pickup location are not considered to be returned until received by SVS. If you wish to return your rental, please contact SVS for instructions.
* Past due accounts: Rental payments made after the due date will be assessed a $10.00 late fee per month, at the beginning of each month late, in addition to past due rent. If an account becomes more than 30 days delinquent, SVS reserves the right to charge any credit card on file for a 3-month renewal, plus past due rent and applicable late fees.

Rental fees must be paid in advance. Rent must be paid for the entire time an instrument is in the renter's possession, until the instrument is received by SVS, regardless of whether or not it is being used. After the initial 3 months, instruments may be rented in 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-month increments. NOTE: Initial 3 months of rental term are considered a minimum period and are non-refundable.

Sales tax applies. Please refer to your state and/or county's applicable sales tax rates. Tax rates are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

For each rental, 100% of the first year's rental fees paid, not including maintenance fees, tax, or rent that has been refunded due to early return, may be applied towards the purchase of an instrument of the same type (for example, equity accrued while renting a violin may not be used to purchase a cello), and of equal or greater value, sold by SVS. List price is based on current market value. Equity may not be combined with another rental's equity or credit from a trade-in, or used for the purchase of an instrument sold on consignment, or any other product or service offered by SVS. Equity must be used within 3 months, or it will be forfeit. SVS will accept rental outfits for trade-in from the original purchaser towards an instrument or bow (excluding consignments, of the same type and of equal or greater value. Rental outfits will be credited at 100% of the purchase price (list price less any discount applied) minus a reconditioning fee and must contain all original outfit components (instrument, case, and bow) to be eligible for trade-in. SVS will be the sole arbiter of all reconditioning fees, repair costs, and the final trade-in value.

The renter will be responsible for the rental instrument and outfit components in case of loss or damage (reasonable wear and tear as determined by SVS excepted), until the instrument outfit is returned. SVS accepts the following liabilities under the rental maintenance and replacement plan (Standard Violins: $7 per month): instrument outfit maintenance; accidental damage as determined by SVS; replacement of broken strings*; and theft of a rental instrument from a secure environment if a police report is submitted within 30 days of the incident. When the rental period expires, insurance coverage expires. Damage reported or observed after account expiration shall not be covered. Maintenance is not in effect during air or overseas travel, except with the express consent of SVS. SVS does not offer instrument rentals outside of the United States, excepting U.S. territories (additional shipping charges may apply).
Maintenance will not cover: loss of an instrument or outfit component; theft of an instrument or outfit component from a vehicle or other unsecure location; heat damage to the varnish of an instrument or damage resulting from weather or other environmental factors; intentional damage (scratching included); damage or incurred costs related to unauthorized repair(s) performed by the renter or a third party; damage related to shipping; or reimbursement for shipping costs of any sort. If an instrument deemed uninsured is damaged, lost or stolen, SVS reserves the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement to any credit card on file. SVS reserves the right to be the sole judge of an instrument's repair cost or replacement cost, and to perform or authorize any repairs. If pre-existing damage is noticed on a rental instrument, please contact SVS within 24 hours of receipt; any damage observed after this time will be considered to have occurred while in the renter's possession. In the event that an instrument becomes damaged beyond reasonable repair, a replacement instrument can be issued to you. Destruction or loss of a second instrument will result in a deductible (Standard Violins: $300) being owed by the renter and loss of coverage under the insurance plan. Deductible fees are due for payment when damage or loss is reported or observed. Non-payment of a deductible may result in your credit card being charged for the due amount. Any damage incurred without maintenance coverage will result in the renter being financially responsible for the cost of replacement or repair, as deemed necessary by SVS. Please note: Equity accruals (see above) may not be used towards payment of a due deductible.
*A note on rental string replacement: SVS will replace only broken strings free of charge within 2 weeks of issue of the rental. Extra strings or sets must be purchased separately. Substitution of string type will be at the renter's expense. No reimbursement will be issued for strings purchased elsewhere.

You may exchange your rental outfit at any time, either for an instrument of the same type or size. While there is no charge for exchanging an outfit, please note that shipping fees (both outbound and return) are the responsibility of the rental customer. Exchanging for another quality of rental instrument will result in remaining rent on the account being pro-rated at the new instrument's rental rate. At the time of exchange, all components of your previous rental outfit should be returned to SVS. If your outfit is not able to be returned immediately (for example, if you are requesting a new instrument via shipping) you will have 2 weeks to return your previous outfit. Please check your instrument case for any accessories and personal items before returning it to us. (SVS is not liable for personal items left in instrument cases, such as shoulder rests, metronomes, and sheet music.) Outfits that are not returned within 2 weeks from the date of exchange will incur a monthly rental fee of $25 (instruments) until the outfit is returned in its entirety. In the event that an overdue outfit or component is not returned, your account will be charged for the full value of the item(s). If you are unable to return an exchanged item quickly please contact SVS.

Renewals: Renewal notices will be sent via email at least 1 week before the rental expiration date. The renter must pay in advance for the next rental period by the expiration date. As a courtesy, a 7-day "grace period" is allowed after the expiration date during which an account may be renewed with no penalties. (Insurance coverage is not in effect during this period.) Renewals are calculated based on the account's expiration date rather than the payment's receipt date.

Returns & Refunds: Returns are to be made by the expiration date. The initial 3 months of rent constitute a minimum period and are non-refundable. After the initial 3-month rental period, a pro-rated refund will be issued (if greater than $15) based on time used, rather than time prepaid, upon return. For example, if, after a 12-month renewal, the account is closed 3 months later, time used will be calculated at the 3-month rate and the remaining credit refunded. Expiration dates and refund amounts are calculated based on the account's effective renewal date rather than the payment's receipt date.

Past Due Accounts: Rental payments made after the grace period will be assessed a $10 late fee per month late, in addition to past due rent based on the daily rental rate. (Past due rent is calculated based on the account's expiration date rather than the grace period's end date.) Rental terms paid for after the grace period will begin on the date of payment. If an account becomes more than 30 days delinquent, a 3-month renewal, plus due late fees and past due rent, may be charged to any credit card on file. Your account will then be transferred to an automatic 3-month renewal plan, using any credit card on file for your account. In cases of non-payment and/or relocation of the renter without a forwarding address, we reserve the right to charge the purchase price of the instrument, minus any equity, to any credit card on file. We reserve the right to use any remedy deemed necessary (including use of on-file credit cards, use of a collection agency, or by lawsuit) to take possession of unreturned rental instruments and to collect all past due rental fees, late fees, legal fees, due deductibles, collection costs, and losses due to uninsured coverage. In the event of legal action or use of a collection agency, any fees associated will become the responsibility of the renter.

Rental rates and the terms of this contract are subject to change at the end of any rental period, and without prior notice. Please call us for an updated contract copy at any time.