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William Scherer // Violin Maker

I completed my undergraduate studies at Webster University, in St. Louis MO with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  I grew up playing the violin and despite initially studying classical violin performance, my interests shifted to folk and fiddle music in its various forms.

I entered the violin world through the shop of Thomas Verdot as a violin making assistant.  I have attended repair and restoration workshops at the New Hampshire Violin Craftsmanship Institute studying with Francis Morris as well as numerous workshops with restoration expert Hans Nebel.  

In 2013 I opened my violin shop with most of my time being devoted to clients, providing repairs, bow rehairs and rentals.  All this time, expanding my violin knowledge and woodworking skills on interesting projects.  In 2015, I was selected along with Thomas Verdot to participate in The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, a project of the Missouri Folk Arts Society, funded by the Missouri Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. We were awarded an honorarium that funded my continued apprenticeship under his tutelage.  Within a year I built my first violin while continuing to serve a diverse clientele of professional and student string players.  In the summer of 2018 I relocated to Louisville CO where I continue to provide high quality student and professional stringed instruments, accessories, repairs and rentals.

In addition to the repair and crafting of instruments, I spend my spare time as a dance fiddler focusing on Missouri fiddle tunes, hiking, running, and hosting the occasional house concert.  I am also interested in collecting folk instruments that range from fine, unique and rare to amateur.  I set time aside throughout the year to provide support to music festivals and music camps including Planet Bluegrass in Lyons CO.  

I have also been influenced and encouraged by violinmakers Geoff Seitz, Mark Rennard, Billy Lee, Allen Wyatt and Gregory Krone.  My plans for the future include building more violins and helping kids gain access to instruments.  I continue to work in collaboration with Thomas Verdot as an apprentice violinmaker.



“I had an old fiddle that was unplayable, and no idea how to fix it up. Will Scherer worked with me to restore the fiddle, taking into account my needs and my budget. I will recommend Scherer Violin Shop to others and plan on using Will’s services again when my fiddle needs attention.”

Rhett Hartman

“Will Scherer has done a great job repairing our school instruments and goes out of his way to accommodate our organization’s needs.”

Aimee Veile
Director of Orchestras
Jefferson City Public Schools

“After one brief email to Will Scherer, my daughter was matched with her first viola. Will was very accommodating and easy to work with from discussing rental plans, reserving the perfect instrument, introducing a first time string instrument student to her viola and regular maintenance. We love the sound and quality of the viola and I love that my daughter has a new passion to take with her through life. I couldn’t be happier to recommend Scherer Violin Shop.”

Jen Sieradzki
Mother of viola student

“We relied heavily on Will’s advice when looking for a violin to give to our daughter. Will sold us a really beautiful used violin that was of higher quality than any available from larger stores. Robin loves to play and sounds great. As a neophyte, it was important to find someone that I could trust. The winning combination with Scherer Violin Shop is that Will possesses both a deep knowledge and also an easy to spot genuineness. Will also offered insight about potential teachers in town.”

Shannon and Dennis Crouch
Parents of violin student

“I brought my wife’s old family violin to Scherer Violin Shop unsure of it’s potential as a player. Much to our surprise Will repaired it beyond it’s previous splendor. We were thrilled with both the quality of the work and the turn-around time. We will be dealing with Will Scherer exclusively from now on.”

Dan Nunez-Regueiro




What are the store hours?

Customers and visitors to the shop are welcome by appointment only. Please call or email ahead to set a time. I am usually here!



What rental sizes do you have for violin/viola?

Violins: 1/10 to 4/4
Violas: 13" to 16"



Is the rental program rent to own?

No. The rental credit you accumulate can be used for up to 50% of the purchase price of a new instrument of your choosing.


How can I pay my bill?

I accept all major credit cards, check or cash. Rental invoices can be paid online via secure online option.

Would you consider buying my violin?

If you'd like for me to consider buying your instrument, I need to see and hear it first, so bring it by the shop and we can go from there.

How long will it take to re-hair my bow?

My turn around time for a bow re-hair is 1 to 5 days depending on how busy I am. If you need your bow re-haired quickly, it's always best to call and make an appointment.

Something is wrong with my instrument and I need it for a performance tomorrow, can you help me?

Sometimes, yes! I have people bring their fiddle in for a quick fix all the time. However, without seeing the instrument and the nature of the problem, it's hard to be sure.

Do you work on cellos and basses?

I work on cellos. Every now and again you might find a bass in the shop but 90% of the time when someone brings in a bass, I suggest another shop in town for this kind of work.

I found a violin in my garage that has a strad label, is it worth a million dollars?

Odds are you didn't win the lottery, but I welcome you to bring it in for an evaluation.

Do you give lessons?

I do not provide lessons, however I do have a list of teachers that I recommend.



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905 Sunflower St
Louisville, CO, 80027
United States